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La route des ducs de Bourgogne

Tour Map

The famous route of the Dukes of Burgundy is a perfect example of the past Bourguignon region. Following this route, you will have the opportunity to experience the castles, villages, museums and abbeys that abound in our area and have become part of the regional cultural heritage.

Proud of their heritage, members of the Route des Ducs de Bourgogne open their doors to visitors regularly. Often you will find the homes and their guardians lively and endearing. By stopping by and showing interest, visitors are actively contributing to the vital preservation of our heritage.

Enjoy your visit!

Chardonnay Cream From Burgundy Region Delights

Chardonnay HydratorWhile the east-central region of France is most commonly known for its red Pinot noir and white Chardonnay wines, there are also other venerable products coming out of this Burgundy region. One noteworthy example is a skin care product made from the seeds of white Chardonnay grapes.

The product, called ‘Have a Vine Day’, is sold by Nature’s Gate and also contains other phyto-active compounds sourced from Mediterranean Olives and Soy. When applied to the face and skin it is said to be absorbed instantly, providing maximum hydration and helping lift and tighten tired or dry looking skin.

Due to the history and culture of the Burgundy region spanning back numerous centuries, and the seemingly death-defying nature of some vines living to be over 400 years old, there is a rich collection of traditional and folk medicine that claims these wine grapes and seeds help treat inflammation and reduce the effects of aging.

Modern science is also beginning to align with some of these traditional observations, with preliminary research suggesting that certain chemicals such as phenolic procyanidins (or OPCs), found in abundance in grape seeds, could accelerate healing of injured skin and wounds. Chemicals found in grape seeds such as vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid and polyphenolic components may also have powerful antioxidant properties that help protect against damage from the sun’s UV light and maintain healthy blood flow and fluid balance.

The ‘Have a Vine Day’ Chardonnay Hydrator product can be easily ordered internationally from iHerb, a popular herbal and supplement supplier in USA. They offer reasonable prices on a range of items like this one and can ship to a wide range of countries fast and affordably. If you’re ordering this product from iHerb be sure to get a valid coupon code to use during checkout to receive a discount on your order, and return here to share your thoughts and experiences with this exciting Chardonnay daytime hydrating cream!

Clearly the Burgundy region has, in addition to its exquisite wines and historical landmarks, many great things to offer the world. For the slightly more adventurous tourist who is willing to step outside the cities for a weekend, there is a vibrant and rich countryside here to both explore and experience first-hand.

French Tourism Continues Surge Despite Global Downturn

World Travel and Tourism Council research has shown that despite the economic challenges that the whole world is facing, travel and tourism continues to grow. Research and surveys have shown that today’s world financial crisis is the worst in 75 years. Even though tourism in France and in all other countries is affected by this downturn, the tourism industry has grown in terms of its contribution to the GDP. In fact, it rose to 3% percent in spite of the forecast decline. However, the impact of tourism on the economy is not easily measured, since the impact may be direct, indirect, or induced.

It has been reported that in 2011 about $6.33 trillion is the GDP contribution of the travel and tourism industry, and that it has generated about 255 million jobs. For 2012, the forecast GDP contribution of travel and tourism is only 2.8%, however this is still a good number despite the global economic status.

Tourism is a large industry that contributes to the French economy just as it does in the U.S. It is among the top ranking industries in France because of the climate and the different forms of landscape across the country. France has much to offer tourists, especially with its abundant cultural and historical sites, architecture, and recreational facilities; and of course it’s famous for it’s delightful food and wines! Of course, we have mentioned but a few of the favourite tourist attractions of France- there are many more things.

France is actually among the biggest players in the world when it comes to tourism. This is measured in terms of the number of tourists visiting each year, with 8.4 million tourists visiting France last year. For the last several years, France tops the list ahead of the United States and China. Some of the reasons for this are due to the number wealthy and developed countries with citizens who can afford to travel as well as the wide range of natural resources and the historical heritage of France. The 2011 survey shows a significant growth from 2010 with 77.6 million visitors.

The surge in French tourism can also be attributed to the many visitors who come from China, Brazil and Russia. Chinese visitors total about 23.9% of all visitors. Even with the economic concerns in the United States, 14% of the visitors in France are Americans.

France has always been the most popular tourist destination in the world. The growth in French tourism has also increased because of the themes and amusement parks that have attracted both kids and adults. Promotions have also been developed to gain more tourism throughout France. From the different famous monuments and museums, it is actually not surprising that France remained to be the world’s most visited country.

Travel Plans Question

Question: My husband and I are aiming to travel through France in June-July of this year, but we know very little about the country and what would be best to do in this season. We are particularly interested in good food and wine, as well as seeing the countryside outside of the main cities. However, on my salary we don’t have a lot of money to spare. What should we do?

What a lovely opportunity to transverse the Route des Ducs in what many consider it’s finest season. With the warm weather at your specified time of year you will have ample natural delights to enjoy along the way, and entry to the landmarks along this historical trail are usually free of charge. Transport, food and wine will be your main expense, but costs can be minimized without compromising your experience if you are willing to hire a car and drive your self, and dine at modest local cafes. There are many excellent local food options along the Route des Ducs de Bourgogne.

Enjoy your trip!